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True Craft Tattoo

1729 L St. (upstairs)

Sacramento CA 95811




About The Artist



I began my career in high school studying art application with a focus on illustration and oil painting that progressed into college growing my artistic abilities in different art concepts and styles. During college, I found Tattoos as an art form and way to apply my artistic expression, from there I began exploring the art of Tattoo as an apprentice. 


The love I found for making a career with my art translated to an apprenticeship in 2015 under Chris Brusby, owner of River City Tattoo and household name in the realism tattoo community. I began learning the techniques and intricate knowledge that was needed to tattoo properly and efficiently.  Before ever putting a needle to skin I drew artwork for Chris, made stencils, set up stations and watched my mentor work. I spent a year soaking up all the knowledge I could and did my first tattoo in 2016. Along side of tattoo apprenticing I also learned to pierce and became the head piercer in 2017.  

Tattoo's By McKenna


After 9 years, I have advanced my skills in multiple art styles. I don't limit myself to one fixed style. I use nature to inspire cover-up work, and to help my clients find new beginnings with flowers and plant life. I love to work in color, focusing on finer lined detail and elements in nature. I have recently been expanding my scope to more Traditional type work with bolder lines and powerful statement pieces. I love my career and want to do work that makes people love their bodies and express themselves. 



Phone: 916-342-6603
DM: @mac_raby

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